• Consistency
  • Frequency,
  • Intensity,
  • Duration,
  • Variety,
  • Recovery 

“Sometimes in order to move forwards you have to step backwards”

Consistency is the first principle you must  apply to motor skill learning and training. You must be able to train consistenly in order to make good progress. I decided on a 6 week plan of training that I began the last day of SBG Camp on Oct 20th.

My long term objective in training – improve my jiu jitsu and become a black belt. With this as my goal I developed a plan.

The key ingredient  I am working to establish is consistency: Jiu jitsu workouts-3 times per week, weight training-2 times per week, body weight training – 2 times per week, recovery – 5 plus times per week.  “Working to establish” is the key phrase here as I’m now starting week 5 and have made some changes to my 6 week plan.  I found that  given my current level of physical conditioning, coaching schedule, business responsibilities and relationships I couldn’t be consistent.  Additionally part of the problem was that the intensity of my weight training combined some missed recovery caused a small flare up of pain and stiffness in my hip/back.  This in turn kept me out of my jiu jitsu training. <<<< My Main Goal. 

Remedy – I had to cut back on everything and up my recovery – yoga, rolling out, heat/ice etc.

Solution – Cut back on my weight training for the up coming 6 weeks – meaning “leave the barbell alone and stick to my old man weight training methods” (i.e. lower intensity). Don’t skip recovery and get to all of my jiu jitsu workouts (long term objective)

None of what I’m doing consitutes “advice”. It’s my trip. However, the principles I’m applying will work for anyone trying to improve their motor skills. Enjoy your journey