• Consistency – review/comment 11/24/13
  • Frequency
  • Intensity –fresh 
  • Duration – fresh
  • Variety
  • Recovery  – review/comment 11/24/13

Consistency + Recovery?? Because they are, respectively, the first and slipperiest steps.

Consistency – I have to show up for training on a regular basis for any adaptation to occur. If you don’t get this none of the other principles can be applied (or for that matter mis-applied).

Recovery  – I can plan as much training as I think I can handle but if I can’t recover from it I won’t be able to be consistent. You may want to train 5x per week, and run and lift and do cross fit, but if you get sick. injured or just too frickin sore because your body could not adapt fast enough then you will miss training and not achieve your goal.  The slippery part of recovery is – it isn’t sexy. Sleep, stretch, foam roll, eat – “Oh yeah well I slept 10 hours, ate like a pig and then stretched!!!”  won’t impress the white belts. Consequently, it is easy to think of it as being lazy instead of smart. Be smart! Remember exercise does not make you stronger, exercise and rest do!

  • Intensity + Duration ?? Because regardless of the sport these elements are combined during the same training session.  As my end objective is increased skill, not more muscle fibers, weight gain or a higher VO2 max, I train at low intensity for a longer time because i need a lot of repetitions to improve my skill. That’s how you learn jiu jitsu.  Don’t confuse your anaerobic interval training with skill based learning.  Should you every roll hard? Of course, especially when you’re getting ready for competition and you need to sharpen up the switch in your head. But most of the time 60% intensity.  (I’m stealing this ideas from Cane Prevost, a SBGi Portland black belt who blogs at the Gentle Art, Caneprevost.com.} How long? As long as your job, family and body will allow.


Bottom Line – Training Jiu jitsu is motor skill learning

ps – none of what I’m doing constitutes advice. Its my trip. However, the principles Im applying will work for anyone trying to improve their motor skills.  Enjoy your journey.