Quality Family Time

At SBG Berkeley ModCom MMA one of our proudest accomplishments is how  we provide families with quality time. This is just a small sample from a Saturday morning at the gym. Parents working out doing Boxing  BootCamp or MMA while their children hone th

Too Old To Roll? Mat Wisdom

One of the best parts of jiu-jitsu is the time after class ends when the coaches talk to us about what we’ve been learning and other aspects of training. At this point I’m tired and feel good about finishing another day of training, even if there were

Why Drill?

While it is possible to get better at martial arts by just sparring it is not the way to get better fast. To get good fast you need to be able to drill correctly. I’m going to write about “how” to drill correctly in a future blog, for no

Fun Not Fear

Since the beginning this has been one of the catch phrases for our gym. And there are 2 aspects to it. #1 is you (or especially your child)  should not be going to some wacked out self defense school where they will feed on our normal fears and promise